A Better way
to visualize Imaginations.

And keep track of your road-maps, software-architecture, and your study progress.


Visualize Your Imaginations

Build visual trees that represent your plans and imaginations. With ClipThis you no longer have to draft your system design on a drawing pad, neither do you need to use word document to track your progress.


Stack Your Tree

Our tree mapping approach makes it easy to know what has been done, what is being done, and what is to be done. With our tree map, you can build just any type of progress tree. Roles can be assigned to individual sub trees making it easy to share task among multiple members.


Add Members to Your Tree

With ClipThis, you can collaborate with other members of your team. Members are assigned permissions and cannot perform activities beyond their scope. You can even invite colleagues without an existing account, everyone is just an email away.


Track Team Progress

ClipThis allows you track progress of individuals or your team as a whole. Make informed decisions, plan better and efficiently structure team assignments

About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to help students, freelancers, and organizations plan, strategies and structure their activities in a more visual, simpler and informative way. With ClipThis, you can guarantee your plans/activities would be more:

  • Informative
  • Structured
  • Visualized

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